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When Lisa Cressman came to Rarest Fortune, she told us she wanted her students to see her business, Backstory Preaching™, as a place to learn to become better preachers without distractions and stress. Her students were searching for grace, community, creativity, and space to learn to build sermons without day to day pressure. We designed her brand taking inspiration from her story and the hand illustrated St. John's bible. 


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The Logo

Inspired by Lisa's stories about preaching, working with students, and her calling for helping her students, I created her main logo to capture that idea of space she wanted to give. The sans serif used for the word 'Backstory' in her logo is meant to be simple not to take attention away from the word 'Preaching'. Both words have a bit of intentional space between the letters to leave room for the stories of her students. I chose serif type used in the word 'Preaching' because of the of the rounded edges and story-like feel. The modest logo was crafted with simplicity in mind because I didn't want it to distract from the most important thing that Backstory Preaching had to offer - the resources for learning preachers. 

I also created a secondary mark inspired by a labyrinth. There are multiple starts and paths to the center to represent the many paths her students have taken in their lifetime. 




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