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Rarest Fortune is a branding studio I co-own with Jessica Willingham, for small businesses. As we were building RF, it was important to us to create something in our own way. We took the focus off of how things were "supposed" to be and put it on our own process and mission. Forging our own path is one thing we have in common with our clients too. At the time, I knew we wanted to work with clients who were unique to their craft. What I didn't realize, was this idea of doing things our own way would become a cornerstone of our brand. After launching Rarest Fortune, it became clear that our audience not only related to that idea, but it was part of their own mission too. 

About The visuals

Where 70's vibes meet modern design, you'll find the inspiration for Rarest Fortune. The visuals for Rarest Fortune are all about balance. The bright orange and warm purple colors are inspired by our love of nature and creating magic in our process. Nature itself was a big inspiration for our photography because we want our clients to remember to balance their digital world with their real life. For the logo, I was inspired by old storybook typography. As a branding studio, we were are helping our clients telling stories after all. I was also in-love with the magical feeling of this display serif too. 


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More info

We hired the photography duo at Made You Look to shoot our brand photos with a mix of film & digital. I also created custom illustrated icons that helped mix in that analog personality we were adding to the brand. 



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