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Dominique D'Vita, from Yes Tantra, came to Rarest Fortune because she wanted her intimacy coaching business to attract more of the right clients. From our kick-off call, we knew she wanted to work with all types of people, no matter their gender or relationship status. Everyone deserves to know the benefits of Tantra, the foundation of her intimacy coaching sessions and resources. After going through our discovery sessions, she revealed to us that she wanted to put a big focus on working with male identifying clients, especially celebrities and athletes. 

Dominique loves helping all genders learn about both of their feminine and masculine energies. She also teaches people how to pleasure themselves and their partners holistically with the ancient practices of Tantra. She had already had a lot of experience with working with male identifying clients though. Over the years, she's found that there was a lack of knowledge in her industry for males seeking ultimate pleasure in life and in bed. 

The Logo

By using a thick, curvy, black serif, for the word 'Tantra' in her logo, we were able to subtly create a balance between the feminine and masculine energies which are found within all of us. I removed the cross bars of the 'A's in the logo to hint at a more physically suggestive meaning in the logo. 

One of the beliefs of the practice of Tantra is that we are all connected beings and we are constantly exchanging energy with one another through all of our interactions. Completely inspired, I tried to represent that sentiment by making as many of the logo elements connect to each other as possible.  The word 'yes' in her logo is more organic, playing off the free flowing energies with-in us and the connections we share with others. 


Brand Discovery
Logo Design
Secondary Elements
Social Media Templates
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The Imagery & Colors

Before coming to us for new branding, Dominique already had an audience for Yes Tantra, mostly on Instagram. It was clear that her audience already loved collages, artistic explanations, and colorful imagery. I thought it was important to keep these elements already built into her brand because they were important symbols that represented the exchange of energies, sexual ecstasy, and personal connection. 

To counter those electric vibes, I introduced more sultry and intimate black and white imagery into her brand. This was meant to capture a feeling inspired by boldness, mystery, & shadows.  Tantra is all about balance and I tried to capture that with the website imagery suggestions and social media templates. 



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